House and Flat Clearance - what to expect?

What is a House Clearance?

A house clearance consists of the removal of unwanted items such as furniture and general waste from either a part of the house or the whole house. House clearances are often needed when moving house or after a bereavement. 

How much time does it take to perform a house clearance?

The time taken to complete  a house clearance can depend on the size of the property, clearing out an entire house can take several days so try to allow spending half a day on each room! Majority of house clearances that LITTA have completed have taken at least one full working day.

Things to consider when doing a house clearance?

ORGANISE: Go through what you would like gone and what you would like to stay- separating the items you wish to keep, give away and dispose 

TOP TIP: These items can be sentimental and hard to say goodbye to so having someone help with making a decision can be really helpful. 

RESELL AND REUSE: Items that are in good condition can be sold and donated. Remember- ‘one man's trash is another man's treasure’ Someone may find use for what you think is junk!  

TOP TIP: Charities will not be able to take furniture without a fire safety label so consider selling these items or having them removed professionally. 

Important documents disposal

Take your time when going through paperwork and documents during a clearance so you don't throw anything important away! You should also ensure that any confidential information is disposed of properly and carefully. Consider shredding paperwork with personal information that you no longer need. 

Health and safety during house clearances

Clearing out a house can involve having to move a lot of heavy, bulky items and doing this alone can not only be demanding but also unsafe. Try and get some help when lifting these larger items to prevent any injuries. 

Help from professionals like LITTA

A great option is to contact a waste clearance company who can get this all done for you! They will load up, clear the items and then dispose of them appropriately. When searching for a clearance company you should look out for the following: 

  • Price for the clearance
  • Check their waste carrier licence
  • Check out their Trustpilot reviews

By choosing a licensed, experienced company like LITTA you can rest assured that your house clearance will be taken care of professionally and with care! We can dispose of your confidential waste and provide you with a certificate of destruction 

What to expect from a
house clearance with LITTA 

  • Waste Transfer Note 
  • Before and after images of the clearance
  • Certificate of destruction if you have any confidential documents that require disposing of.
  • Fully insured with the relevant Public Liability cover. 

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