What to think about before hiring a rubbish removal service in London

Hiring a rubbish removal service in London can make clearing out your home, garden or office a bit easier and take some of the stress away from such a big project.

Rather than booking and waiting weeks for a council collection, or trying to haul your junk to the local tip or recycling centre yourself, a rubbish removal service can come and collect your unwanted waste from your home, and get it removed quickly.

But it’s not just as simple as looking for a man and van service.

Not all rubbish removal companies collect all types of rubbish, not all services offer quick pick-ups, and if you’re environmentally conscious, you’ll want to pick a rubbish removal service in London that recycles as much of your old waste as possible.

If you’re looking to hire a waste removal service in London, here’s our top tips on what to think about first.

What service are you going to need?

Do you need a van removal to come and take your unwanted items away?

Or are you going to need a skip to get rid of some bulkier waste?

Which you pick will determine the costs you pay and the admin involved with arranging your waste removal, so you definitely need to think about it.

Especially if you’re arranging a waste removal in London as, depending which borough you’re in, you could face different regulations for skip hire and restrictions on where you can place your skip.

Not all waste removal companies offer both removal and skip hire service either - so you definitely need to figure out which you’ll need.

What kind of rubbish do you need to clear?

Are you clearing your home? Tidying your garden? Or are you trying to get rid of some commercial waste?

Is your waste recyclable? Is it potentially hazardous?

These are all things you’ll need to think about before booking your waste removal.

Especially if you’re planning to remove any hazardous materials - like asbestos for example - as these require specialist removal.

It’s also worth finding out if you’ll be expected to sort any waste yourself, or whether the hard work will be done for you.

How quickly can they pick up?

If you’ve ever tried to book a council waste collection, you’ll know it’s not only expensive but it can take weeks before they can come to you.

Today, with a shortage of drivers of collection vehicles, councils are struggling more than ever to fulfil bulk collections - with customers the ones waiting longer.

Even man and van services don’t always guarantee quick collections, which is the last thing you need when you’ve got bags and boxes of rubbish piling up during your rubbish clearance.

For the record, at LITTA we can collect your waste on the same day you make your booking.

We can even deliver your skip for the next working day if you need a skip hire service.

How much will your waste removal cost?

How will your London waste removal company work out the cost?

Is it based on the load they’re collecting? Or do they just charge a flat rate?

You should expect to be able to get a fixed price or estimate on their website based on the amount you want them to collect.

Some will be priced by items like sofas, ovens etc.

Others will be priced by load, like the number of bags or estimated weight of your old junk.

You should also ask about any additional costs if you want them to collect excess waste on the day of collection - or what will happen if they collect less than you’d originally told them?

Again, at LITTA we offer transparent pricing and always quote your collection before we arrive so you’ll know what you’ll pay.

Just a quick note on cheaper waste collections. Not all cheap collections will be scam collections, but if you get a series of quotes and one is significantly cheaper than the rest, it could be a scam so check out the credentials of the collection service.

What will happen on the day of collection?

One of the biggest annoyances with using a council bulk collection - and some man and van services - is that you’ll be expected to drag your bulk waste to the side of the road on the day of collection.

When you’re paying for someone to remove your waste for you, this is more than a little inconvenient.

You should find out if your waste removal service will take your waste directly from your home, garden or office space - or if you’ll be expected to do some of the heavy lifting yourself.

At LITTA we always collect your waste directly from your property.

We’re fully licensed and insured for direct waste collection so you never need to worry about doing our work for us - we’ll take care of everything.

Plus, we provide real-time tracking of all our collection vehicles so you can monitor your team’s progress to your front door, rather than sitting around all day waiting for a knock on the door.

What happens to the waste you have collected?

You’d probably be surprised how much of your home, garden and commercial waste can be recycled.

At LITTA we have a recycling rate of 93% for all the rubbish we collect and remove, and it’s increasing all the time.

Because we recycle as much as we can, you never need to worry about your unwanted items adding to the UK’s landfill problem unnecessarily.

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