Receive jobs like Uber

Litta is a powerful tool that allows you to process all of your own jobs as well as once approved benefit from receiving jobs from litta

Available on:

Manager App

The manager app lets you create and manage clearance jobs on the move

Create, cancel, assign and manage jobs
Monitor job statuses
Manage your workforce and communicate via the app
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Driver App

Pick up and fulfil jobs easily with the driver app. Process jobs all in one place to make it efficient for you and your company

Communicte with the end customer
Navigation to job
Capture pictures, signature and notes all in the app to successfully complete jobs with the WTN automatically created after the job is complete

Manage your team via our dashboard

Create Jobs

Build and plan your jobs for your team

Assign & Reassign

Assign jobs to team members, track their progress & distribute among your team

Full Audit Trail

Full job history, including pictures, customer signatures & all customer interactions

Efficiency Saving

Save time, save fuel and increase driver efficiency